Stanford Secure Internet of Things Project

Industrial Affiliates Program

The Secure Internet of Things Project industrial affiliates program is a relationship between member industrial firms and the researchers in the project. The affiliates program provides an opportunity for interested firms to support the research of the project as well as engage and work with faculty to define the project's goals and direction. For more details, please read the SITP Overview whitepaper.

Member companies represent a broad spectrum of industries. They share an interest in how pervasive, connected computing devices are changing society and business, how to ensure these new technologies are secure, and in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in their commercial efforts. The Affiliates Program is supported by corporate membership fees of $125,000 per year and is designed to facilitate the relationship between academia and industry. These funds support research and facilitate the exploration of new research ideas.

All memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs. Please see the Research Policy Handbook for details.

Program Benefits

The benefits to membership are considerable:

A company's engagement with the project can be as varied as the companies themselves. Initial meetings identify the company's goals and areas of mutual interest. Follow-on meetings between the company's staff and faculty develop one or more close relationships.

Joining the Affiliates Program

The first step to joining the affiliates program is contacting Steve Eglash, 650.721.1637, the Executive Director of the project.


Also supported by generous gifts from

as well as other companies and organizations.